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Gig Harbor Yacht Club is a member of the International Power Boat Association (IPBA). IPBA is the governing body for ‘Predicted Navigation Rallies’ hosted by individual yacht clubs and other boating organizations in three sub-areas around the Salish Sea, in Puget Sound (Washington State) and the Gulf of Georgia (British Columbia), hence the significance of ‘International’ in our name.

The Puget Sound portion is comprised of two sections, Puget Sound North and Puget Sound South. The individual clubs in both sections host ‘Navigation Rallies’ throughout each calendar year. There are five rallies hosted by North Sound clubs and five hosted by South Sound clubs. In addition to the ten, club hosted rallies, IPBA hosts a summer event (usually held in July) called the International Cruiser Rally. This contest is normally where the Puget Sound and Gulf of Georgia sections come together for competition in ‘Predicted Navigation’.

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What is a Predicted Navigation Regatta?
(‘aka’ Predicted Log Race)

They are navigation contests where each skipper (contestant) attempts to accurately predict the time it will take to navigate a specified course in their boat. This involves the precise calculation of the time in hours, minutes, and seconds required to cruise a prescribed course. The course is described with ‘true headings’ and ‘distances’ in nautical miles for each leg. Once the skipper (contestant) makes his/her calculations and fills out the “Predicted Log”, he/she then navigates the boat on the prescribed course, using only a compass and the boat's tachometer (RPM gauge). The winner is the skipper who can predict the time with the smallest percentage error.

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