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Cruise Captains Wanted!!!
Take the plunge and dive right into hosting a cruise...ya know you want to...don't be shy, give it a try!!  If you are interested just contact me, Dave (DTFC), and I can give you the whatfors on being a cruise captain, it's fun,

Ahoy There!!!
When signing up for a cruise and coming by boat, you MUST select both Slip Registration and Cruise Registration!!! These are two different items and only one member must register for both!!!

Fleet Captain: Dave Markham





Aug 30th-Sept 2nd

Langley on Whidbey Is,
The New Cruise on the Dock

No this is not a typo, you are not dreaming, we are going to Langley for Labor Day Weekend!

We will have 4 fun filled days of something new and different. We thought maybe you were all Blackberried out so time for a change.  This is a chance to do some exploring in a wonderful new environment, go where most have not gone before, experience glass blowing, fine wines and check out the local art galleries. 

As you start your day,  sipping a wonderful cup of coffee or espresso while munching on some nummy baked goods you realize why you are here....this place is wonderful, it's peaceful, it's relaxing it's thinking I don't want to leave. 

Its a chance to stroll through a small town that embraces art and displays it proudly about the city. They offer shuttle service to move us about from the marina up the hill to a magical world....OK.... I think it's magical as do the people that live there and I think after you get here you will understand.

This is a totally new adventure for us so stayed tuned and see what unfolds, I think you'll approve.

For this Cruise.
Langley Marina will generate a docking plan and all you do is show up and pay for moorage when you get here, they will have attendants on the dock to direct us to and help us get tied up and secured.


If you are interested but not sure what to expect just drop me a line and I will get you dialed in. 

Cruise Captains
Dee & Dave Markham
Cell 253-261-6940

Co-Cruise Captains:
Mike & Lynda Burton
Cell 253-509-4870

Fleet Captain: Dave Markham

Fleet Captain

There’s nothing quite like meeting friends out on the water!! 

Our monthly cruises are always a great time to have fun with friends and visit interesting locations throughout Puget Sound.  GHYC hosts monthly cruises from September through June.  There is even the occasional impromptu informal cruise that members gather to venture to their favorite marina or drop the hook and raft up at a favorite anchorage. 

Cruise Captains and their Assistant Captains plan the scheduled cruises and ensure that members are aware of available activities and attractions.  The Fleet Captain takes care of the moorage planning, leaving the Cruise Hosts to plan all the fun stuff!! 

Even when the weather is less than perfect, a good time is virtually guaranteed. 
Be sure to check out the cruises using the links on the Cruise Calendar on this page.